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The Lenco Podo-153 is an MP4 player and pedometer in one. For walking, travelling or use during an intensive workout. The Lenco Podo-153 MP4 player with pedometer follows every move you make. Click the MP4 player onto your belt or bag and you are good to go. The Lenco Podo-153 comes with headphones.

Create a playlist of your favourite music and transfer it to your MP4 player via the mini-USB port or microSD card. Then enjoy your special songs for 3 hours. With an internal memory of 4 GB and the possibility of extending the memory to 32 GB via a microSD card, you can always add new songs to your playlist.

In addition to playing your favourite music, the MP4 player also counts the number of steps you take. Would you like to know more about your daily walk to work, or do you want to keep track of your running sessions? The Lenco Podo-153 monitors your progress and you make sure that you exercise adequately.

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