AV Stumpfl BDS-AC280 (SET cope projektimi+kornize)

220,000 L

Shihni shportën


DECOFRAMES are top-quality and highly attractive frame projection screens that are available for every image format, for both professional and private uses. DECOFRAME lends an elegant and professional appearance to your home cinema, conference room or any other permanent installation leaving nothing to be desired. The DECOFRAME by AV Stumpfl can be tailored to the size of your choice and be supplied with our well-established front and rear projection material. The frame is delivered as a folded frame and the surface material rolled up, which guarantees a crease-free projection surface.

The connecting angles are attached by screws and guarantee a highly accurate corner joint.

Overall size in cm 296 x 174

Picture size in cm 280 x 158

Diagonal (inch) 127“

Weight 23 kg