Vinyl Bebe Rexha – Better Mistakes LP

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Rexha is known for a variety of genres, primarily pop. Her first song credit was a K-pop song for Shinee, the title song from the album Lucifer, and since then she has released music in the hip hop, alternative rock, R&B, country, rock, dance and electronic music genres. She was mainly influenced by Lauryn Hill.

A1                           Break My Heart Myself

A2                           Sabotage

A3                           Trust Fall

A4                           Better Mistakes

A5                           Sacrifice

A6                           My Dear Love

A7                           Die For A Man

B1                           Baby, I’m Jealous

B2                           On The Go

B3                           Death Row          3:00

B4                           Empty   2:28

B5                           Amore

B6                           Mama   3:08