Cabasse The Pearl Akoya Black STAND

37,500 L

Frech hi-fi manufacturer has introduced The Pearl Akoya, the latest product in its streaming audio range.

This release follows the global success of Cabasse’s The Pearl wireless streaming loudspeaker, the original product in the range, released in 2018.

Designed to be an ultra-compact active speaker, The Pearl Akoya features the same level of technology and expertise as the popular La Sphère speaker.

Despite its size, it still creates the same quality pure sound as its predecessor, The Pearl.

According to Cabasse, the company has achieved a technological feat with The Pearl Akoya by managing to develop and integrate the most compact tri-axial speaker ever created (bass, midrange and new carbon and neodymium coaxial tweeter) into a 22cm spherical volume.

Although the drivers take up very little space in the housing, they deliver a lot of power from the 1050 watts RMS amplifiers and a smooth response from 30Hz to 27,000Hz.

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