Vinyl Coldplay- A Head Full of Dreams 2-LP

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Coldplay, British rock group whose melodic piano-driven anthems lifted it to the top of the pop music world in the early 21st century. Coldplay was formed in 1998 at University College, London, with the pairing of pianist-vocalist Chris Martin (b. March 2, 1977, Exeter, England) and guitarist Jonny Buckland (b

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A Head Full Of Dreams   3:43
Birds      3:48Hymn For The Weekend               4:18Everglow             4:42Adventure Of A Lifetime               4:23Fun        4:27Kaleidoscope     1:51Army Of One / X Marks The Spot               (6:16)Army Of One      3:23X Marks The Spot             2:53Amazing Day      4:29Colour Spectrum              1:02Up&Up 6:45