Q Acoustics Speaker Glass Wall Supports pair

7,900 L

The Q Acoustics QA2140 Speaker Glass wall supports are suitable for Q Acoustics 3010, 3020 or Concept 20 bookshelf speakers. Q Acoustics QA2140 glass support stands allow you to wall mount your speakers in style unobtrusively for a brilliant and neat set up. Whether it’s for speakers at the front or rear, stereo or home cinema system, the QA2140 supports offers a stylish solution. Suitable for all makes of speaker, the QA2140 supports individual speakers up to 15kg in weight. The elegant glass shelf reduces the bulk of the support, making the mount less obtrusive in your room.

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  • Maximum Load Per Shelf: 15kg
  • Dimensions (WHD): 210 x 80 x 295mm
  • Shelf Weight (each): 3kg