Trebs Dehumidifier 99294

9,990 L

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The Trebs Dehumidifier 99294 Comfortair keeps your home clean. The appliance removes moisture and dust from the air and prevents mould in your home. The dehumidifier is compact and operates in near-silence.

Do you have problems with dust or mould in your home? If so, the Trebs Dehumidifier 99294 Comfortair is right up your street. The appliance is very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it into the power socket and press the ON button. What happens when the water reservoir is full? An indicator light comes on. Because you don’t always have time to empty the reservoir immediately, the appliance eventually switches off automatically. Unplug the appliance first before emptying the reservoir.

The Trebs Dehumidifier 99294 Comfortair is a quiet machine so you can leave it on at night without being disturbed. The water reservoir holds up to 1.5 litres. The dehumidifier has a capacity of 500 to 750 millilitres every 24 hours. The Trebs Dehumidifier 99294 Comfortair also features an ioniser to remove dust from the air. Here’s to a clean house!


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Max. dehumidifying rate : 0.75 l/24h
Room size : 100 m3
Noise level (max.) : 40 dB
Tank capacity : 1.50
Manufacturer : Trebs
Product type : Dehumidifiersi
Manufacturer no. : 99294
Sales rank in Product type Dehumidifiers : 9 of 549
May include power adapter : Noi