Zappiti One, Ultimate 4K HDR

51,490 L

Media player compatible with all modern video standards such as HDMI 2.0,
Ultra HD 4K, HDR, 3D subtitles and HEVC / H.265 (up to 10-Bit) with internal HDD bay.

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All of the Zappiti products are designed to provide our end-user customers with convenient and intuitive access to their entire movie library collection, in stunning 4K, High Definition resolution. The award winning Zappiti devices are being successfully used to improve the movie watching experience, in residential and commercial environments all over the globe. The Zappiti One 4K HDR sets an entirely new standard for home entertainment. It supports the majority of digital audio and video formats, including the most modern HEVC video codec with one billion colors (10-Bit color encoding), all modern 3D video standards with 3D subtitles, and features HDMI 2.0a, 4K 60p, HDR, DTS:X for the best possible home theater experience.

Chipset Realtek RTD1295
CPU Quad core
Operating System 64-Bit (A63)
Cache 1 MB L2
HDMI 2.0a / MHL 3.0 Tx
10-Bit Yes
REC.2020 Yes
4K 60p Yes (4K 50p/60p)
Auto Framerate 23.976 / 24 / 50 / 59.94 / 60 Hz
23.976 Hz 4K Yes
GUI Resolution 1080p
4K HEVC max bitrate 400 Mbps
BD Lite Yes (Playlists)
Subtitle resolution 1080p
Multiple external subtitles Yes
Multi-coding subtitles Yes
Default subtitle setting Yes
Default language setting Yes
3D subtitles Yes
3D depth setting Yes
Left/Right inversion 3D option Yes
VP9 video codec Yes
Codec audio WMA Yes
Photos HD 8192 x 8192 pixels max
Wi-Fi 5G Yes
Audio digital coaxial output Yes
Zappiti Share (Multiroom video) Yes (up to 4 rooms in Blu-ray quality)
Local network transfer SMB Server / FTP (up to 115 MB/s)
Max number of simultaneous transfers No limitation
Multi-tasks Yes
OTA firmware update Yes
USB firmware update Yes
with save settings option
Discrete IR codes ON/OFF Yes
Backlit remote control Yes
Smartphone/tablet control Yes (beta)
Music control without TV Yes (beta)
Force SD Audio Yes (if Core)
Android version 6.0